Established in its current form in 2013, Fallen Angels began its competitive journey with a single senior team of 14 athletes. Two years later saw the introduction of a youth team, and ever since, we have continued to grow. With this growth, we have progressed from a one-woman operation to a full coaching team, enabling us to enter several cheer and group stunt routines at local and away competitions.

We will be entering our 8th competitive season in 2020, with over 40 athletes on the roster and we are continually recruiting! While teaching the core elements and techniques of All Star cheerleading we like to add a dash of flair to our routines to stand out from the crowd.

Based just outside city centre of Newcastle, we are located just off Coast Road in Jesmond. Just a short drive away from most suburbs.

If you don't drive, we have major bus routes that stop a 5 minute walk away as well as having Jesmond Metro Station close by.