Mask Display

Covid-19 Procedures



  • We have a risk information sheet which has been provided to all members, provided by SportCheer England, which details those who may be more vulnerable to COVID-19. Please assess your own situation and the potential impact of your child(ren) returning to cheer. Please email us at if you have any concerns you would like to discuss.

  • Please monitor the health of those in your household. Athletes must not attend practice if they are, or if anyone else in your household or support bubble is:

    • Unwell, keeping in mind that children can have different symptoms to the recognised fever, cough, and changes to sense of smell/taste. 

    • Waiting for a COVID-19 test result.

    • Self-isolating after testing positive, or after being told to isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

    • Within the 14 day quarantine period following return from a country that is not on the exemption list here

    • Aware that they have had close contact (less than 2m for at least 15 minutes, or less than 1m for at least 1 minute, or physical contact) with someone in the last 48 hours, who has symptoms or has since tested positive, even if they haven't been advised to isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

    • Currently off school due to another student testing positive.

  • There are no changing facilities, so athletes must attend dressed in their training kit.

  • No personal possessions are to be brought into the training hall, except a filled bottle of water, any medication required during the session (e.g. inhalers), a face covering to arrive in (if required, see below), and cheer shoes. The only exception to this will be in the case of athletes who are travelling to training independently and require money for transport, a mobile phone for safety reasons, and outerwear. This must be agreed with the Coaching Team in advance, by email to, and these additional belongings will be placed in a designated space outside of the training area for the duration of the session.

  • Athletes should use the toilet before leaving home, if possible.

  • In line with guidance from SportCheer England, athletes from different households should not travel to and from training together. Athletes who do not arrive with a parent/guardian from their own household or support bubble (defined as one household, plus another household with only a single adult) will not be screened for entry and will be asked to leave.


  • A parent or guardian from each athlete's household/support bubble must wait with the athlete until they have entered the building.

  • Do not approach the building more than a couple of minutes before the session starts.

  • The lesser restrictions in SportCheer England's approved Return to Play document, which allow sessions to take place, do not apply to outside of the premises. Therefore those waiting to enter the building must ensure 2m social distancing between households/support bubbles at all times. 

  • Athletes will be screened for entry one household at a time, by a coach wearing a face covering, as detailed below. Siblings attending the same class will come forward for screening together and will not enter the building until both athletes have been cleared.

    • The athlete(s) being screened will stand in the box on the pavement just inside the gates, and the coach carrying out the screening will stand just outside the door.

    • Simple questions will be asked to make sure all athletes are well and there are no concerns around their attendance.

    • The coach will step forward and temperature will be taken using a contactless infrared thermometer. An athlete with a temperature of 37.8°C or above will be asked to leave, self isolate with the rest of their household, and request a test.

  • Athletes cleared for training will enter the building and sanitise their hands, before being shown to their allocated training space, where they will change into their cheer shoes. 

  • Coaches will not be available to talk to parents, and parents must leave as soon as their athlete(s) has/have entered.

  • The door will be locked and the session will start as soon as all present athletes have been screened, and latecomers will not be accepted under any circumstances


  • When actively participating in cheerleading, social distancing does not need to be adhered to. However, we will keep as much distance between athletes as possible. 

  • No physical contact (hugs, high fives, etc.) will be permitted between athletes/athletes, coaches/coaches, or athletes/coaches, except when carried out as detailed under PHYSICAL CONTACT below. 

  • We are not requiring that athletes wear face coverings for entry and exit, although they are welcome to if preferred. 

  • Coaches will wear face coverings during entry and exit, and at any other time when they cannot remain 2m from athletes and other coaches. If a coach must get closer than 1m to, or physically touch an athlete to provide first aid, then they will wear a minimum of a disposable IIR surgical mask, and gloves. Aprons and visors will also be available if required. 

  • If an athlete needs to use the toilet during their session, they will remain in their training space and raise their hand. A coach will escort them to the toilet, where they will sanitise their hands both before entering and after leaving. Wipes will be provided for athletes to clean down the surfaces before use, if they would prefer, and a coach will do this after any class where the toilet has been used.

  • Athletes will not share water bottles or any other items, except equipment provided by the coaching team. Where sharing of equipment is necessary, all athletes will sanitise their hands before and after touching it, and it will be cleaned between classes. 

  • Hand sanitiser, tissues and cleaning wipes will be available throughout all sessions, if needed. 

  • If an athlete feels unwell at any time, they must raise their hand to notify a coach. They will be removed from the session by a coach wearing full PPE (mask, visor, apron, gloves), and you will be contacted by telephone and expected to collect them immediately. If the athlete has a sibling in the class, they too will be removed. ​


  • A one way system will be in operation. Athletes will leave via the back door, which will be pointed out as they arrive for their first session in the new venue.

  • Please make sure you arrive to collect your child on time. To prevent athletes crossing over between sessions, there will be no facility for them to wait in the hall.

  • Athletes must make sure that they take all of their belongings at the end of the session, as we cannot keep lost property and all left belongings will be disposed of at the end of the day.

  • After changing out of their cheer shoes, athletes will be provided with hand sanitiser and will be escorted from the building one at a time.

  • Athletes will leave with their parent or guardian immediately, and coaches will not be available to talk to parents.


  • Training kit worn for the session should be washed, ideally at 60 degrees.

  • If you do need to contact us for whatever reason, please email (unless the reason is COVID-19 related, see below).

  • We have invested in a telephone number (07434643408) for the purposes of urgent COVID-19 communication, which is to be used only for this purpose. Please use this to let us know as soon as possible if an athlete becomes unwell in the 48 hours after their session. If an athlete tests positive for COVID-19, this number will need to be provided to the NHS Test and Trace service, so that we can assist them in communicating with those who may need to self isolate. 


  • We will keep our usual records of who has attended classes, which will be passed onto NHS Test and Trace with contact details, if requested, to allow contact tracing. 

  • So that we can demonstrate that we are COVID-safe, we will also keep records of athlete screening, and of which athlete was allocated to each training space for each session. Coaches will also be screened on arrival.

  • We have conducted a full risk assessment, which is available on request. Please note that this, and the measures detailed within this email are subject to change as the pandemic and required measures continue to evolve.


  • Physical contact is permitted, as per the SportCheer England Return to Play document, approved by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on 22 October 2020, and updated following discussions with Sport England in December 2020, under the following conditions:

    • It has been advised that face masks should not be worn during any physical activity including stunts, but if you would prefer that your child(ren) wear(s) one, please let us know.

    • Stunting to be carried out with risk mitigations. Limited to a maximum of 15 minutes stunting at a time with a clear break for athletes to wash/sanitise hands and any equipment to reduce droplet and fomite transmission.

    • Athletes should form stunt groups of up to 6 athletes made up of athletes within their team, with consistent athlete groups between sessions to limit how many people they come into close contact with.

    • Stunt groups are permitted to come in contact with each other for pyramids

    • Spotted tumbling skills for safety purposes.

  • The measures that we have put in place for activities involving contact are as follows:

    • Adults responsible for an athlete must log into their Class Manager account and give consent for their child(ren) to participate in physical contact during training. In doing so, they agree that they will abide by the measures below.

      • Before activities involving physical contact, athletes will sanitise their hands 

      • After the activity, athletes will sanitise their hands again.   

    • Any athlete who does not have the consent of their parent / guardian will not be permitted to have physical contact with other athletes/coaches, and will be given other activities. 

    • We do not anticipate spotting many tumbles, but any coaches involved in this will wear face coverings throughout