Sabrina (Beanie)

Head Coach

Sabrina, by day, is a Data Manager within a Market Research company but has a creative flare that needs to be unleashed. She has been involved in every type of dance and performing arts imaginable before she finally found cheer. She has been with the squad for 6 years; with her strengths in stunting, she corrects technique and has an eye for pairing the correct athletes together to get the best potential. Her most uttered words at practice are 'I missed it' - which is mostly true, but sometimes a ploy to get an athlete to repeat a skill! Sabrina no longer has any spare time, as she became a mother last summer!


Team Lead & Founder

Kim has been dancing for most of her life and holds both USASF and NCSSE coaching qualifications. She has recently stepped down as head coach after founding the squad 15 years ago! She works as a scientific engineer and likes to LARP when she isn't cheering. She is also a dog lover and an avid runner, she's part of the Hogwarts running club and often partakes in a Zombie run.


Team Lead & Tumble Coach

Rachel is (in the simplest possible terms!) a computer scientist in the NHS, and working towards a second Masters alongside it. After almost three seasons with FA, and with a background in gymnastics, she has finally accepted her fate as a tumbling specialist, and pays close attention to detail in all aspects of cheer. If you see her hopping from foot to foot, and making monkey sounds (ooh ooh ooh), please don’t be alarmed - she’s just got an idea to share with you. Outside of work and cheer, she enjoys driving, TV comedies, and food. Her dislikes include enforced socialising, unnecessary swearing, and wasps.



Team Coach

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Team Coach

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